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Concerts of Long Island Past at the Paramount, NY

Paramount, NY Photo Walk

Photos by Alissa Beth Photography



Long Island, New York is a fantastic suburb of NYC. Not only is it known for its sandy beaches, wealthy Gold Coast mansions and the famed Hamptons, but it's music scene is rockin too! Five years ago in Huntington, NY, a cool, manhattan like venue opened called The Paramount, NY. Over the last few years they have hosted some very large names such as Ed Sheran, Daughtry, Christina Perri, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Script, Billy Joel, Creed, Shinedown, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Gavin DeGraw to just name a few. To kick off this blog, heres a photo walk from the best from 2014-2015. Cheers!

- Alissa Beth

Photo Group 1- Christina Perri at The Paramount, NY December 2014

Photo Group 2- Chris Daughtry acoustic performance at The Paramount, NY December 2014

Photogroup 3- Gavin Degraw at The Paramount, NY December 2014

Photogroup 4- The Counting Crows at The Paramount, NY 2015

Photogroup 5- Seether at the Paramount, NY 2015

Photogroup 6- Mark Tremonti Solo (Alterbridge and Creed) at The Paramount, NY 2015

Photogroup 7- Smith & Meyers of Shinedown acoustic at The Paramount,NY 2015

Christina Perri
Gavin DeGraw
Adam Duritz, Counting Crows
Seether Rock Band
Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alterbridge

Brent Smith and Zach Meyers- Shinedown

Brent Smith @thebrentsmith Shinedown

Brent Smith @thebrentsmith Shinedown

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